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In this blog You are going to follow my views and thoughts. I will write a lot about my interests which consist of singing, drama and musical-stuff. I also like hair and make-up things. This blog may sound like ALL the other blogs out there but I will try to make it as crazy and wacky as I am, haha...

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Favorite snack/ middlemeal!

in sweden we actually calls what americans call snack a middle-meal. What we call snack in chips and cheese doodles and unhealthy things we eat as a treat. 

This is my favorite middle-meal at the moment:
Plain yoghurt light or original (turkish yoghurt if you are a swede)
A handful of cashew nuts that you break into two and toss on.
A few dried blueberries. (I guess other dried fruits or fresh fruits will do as well)
A small sprinkle of honey (the blueberries are already a little sweet)

Voila a delicious filling middle-meal. That is healthy!


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